LV 2012 Resort Collection SURPRISE!

I’m not kidding I’m still in shock over the fact that I actually sort of loved Louis Vuitton's 2012 Resort collection, all I have to say is Sofia Coppola and LV make a great and I mean GREAT combination! The reason why I say I’m in shock is because I usually don’t like LV collections or Chanel or Marc by Marc Jacobs’s collections. They´re  all great designers of course, but they are just not my style, sometimes I think people say they love collections only because of the brand's name or what it stands for or because most fashion editors or people of the medium love that certain brand, but not so much because its of their personal style and taste. There are certain things that I will love about a LV collection or a Chanel collection, but in order for me to say I love a collection I really have to love all of it, not just some of it. But this time around I loved most of this LV collection .... ESPECIALLY THE SHOES !!!! 

 Did you love it or what ??? Arent those shoes simply PERFECT ?!?!? Plus the model is Arizona Muse who I love so very much !!! :)

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  1. I agree! I'm usually not a fan of LV either but I loved this collection!
    xx Allie


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