Resort Favorites 2012

I have a bit of a confession to make, I have no idea what a "Resort" collection is for or what it means. I hope that makes sense if not oh well (lol) I mean I understand what Winter/Fall and Summer/Spring collections are for, and even Pre Fall collections, but Resort collections I have no idea what purpose they serve other than just getting new clothes to the clamoring masses. Now That I rambled on about how much I have to learn about fashion, let’s get to the point. 3 .... Is the number of favorites that I have for this 2012 Resort collection! I will start off with the always great Erdem.


First off, I love the lace! Blue on white .. ughhh PERFECT! It reminds me of their spring collection which I also fell head over heels for I just love how Erdem Moralioglu works lace into the clothing and it looks great! I love the shoes, and all the florals all combined it looks amazing! The trench coat at the top is one of the most amazing things I have seen, and I LOVE IT!
Rachel Zoe

RACHEL ZOE! I loved her Fall/ Winter collection, and I am loving her Resort 2012 collection too! Both of her collections are so her and so cool! I have to say that since I last saw her Fall collection I fell in love with the wide leg trend she has started, I even wrote a post about it (HERE). My favorite part of the collection are the long, light, and breezy dresses, and of course the wide legged pants! She knows how to make everything look so California cool and laid back without it getting to be lazy or ugly .... AMAZING!

LOTS OF BLACK! Was the first thing that came to mind when I saw DKNY's Resort 2012 collection, but I actually love the fact that there was lots of black. Their Fall collection had so many reds and pinks and oranges that this is a nice change. I also love that cape/blazer! I wanted to scream when I saw it, and the scarf’s are so PERFECT! "Scarf Dressing" is what calls it, and I absolutely love it! SUCH A GREAT COLLECTION!


  1. From what I know, a resort collection is primarily for a vacation/holiday getaway. Love, love, love Rachel Zoe's collection!
    xx Allie

  2. lol I could have totally guessed that from the name, oh well thanks for that! I know her collection was GREAT!


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