In Honor of Pitti Uomo

For a long time I had always been into woman’s wear stuff since it was more mainstream and really easier to get information on. I sound so lazy, but whatever it is what it is. Then one day it happened I tried to dress my sister up and wow I mean I loved it and she liked it too, but it was a tad bit butch for her. The next day I devoured a GQ Style magazine I have to say I loved it more then when I held Vogue in my hand. I have learned that I actually have a bigger passion and more of an understanding for menswear rather than woman’s wear, probably because I am a guy. It’s not that I like hate woman’s clothes now, just that I had revelation that I find menswear easier to understand and also to love. So I am trying to include more menswear things on my blog, and what better way to start than with Pitti Uomo the biggest trade show for menswear. I got some Pitti street style pictures and put up my favorite. PLUS! On the 20th of June you can go to Sick By Trend and actually live stream the Gucci show at 12:30! I know I know exciting!

P.S. Pictures from STREETFSN and Lab Daily

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